The album Transformacja is available in all music stores

Today, September 16, is a significant day!

The Transformacja album has gotten a wider physical distribution and is now available in all good music stores across Poland (!).

We took this step together with Sonic Records, and the first day of our catalog collaboration is September 16. I’m overjoyed because, even though the songs from the new album are already pulsing in my head, I’ll remind you of the first one.

I am convinced that the first material is worth discovering and listening to, so a new edition of freshly pressed discs is awaiting your attention in stores. Thank you to everyone who helped make Transformacja possible.

Furthermore, the CD version includes a previously unreleased track (!).

You can still purchase the Transformacja album from the website’s store, but the order processing time will be longer, and the store price is currently lower. I’m not very good at selling, so I leave it to the professionals.

Many of you may be taken aback by my enthusiasm, but I am simply delighted!

Wonderful analog listening experience!