Warsaw. Concert at BarBazaar

On July 5, I played a concert in the heart of Warsaw.

At 12 Ząbkowska Street, in the area of the Różycki Bazaar, where some tenement houses remember the times from 300 years ago, there is BarBazaar, a small, atmospheric music club, which the owner – Paweł says is an artistic club and in fact jam sessions are held there periodically (in I also attended in one of them and enjoyed it very much).

On that day, July 5, we played the album Transformacja together with Paweł Derentowicz – guitar, Marcin Pająk – drums and Paweł “Jala” Afinski – bass. An intense rock concert, my album in an organic rock version. The wonderful atmosphere with the audience so warm and family made me feel really at home. After all, I am a girl from these zone – exactly from Przyczółek Grochowski who spent her entire childhood in Praga. And that’s how I can say with peace that I have a second real band from Warsaw!

It’s also nice that we’re playing a concert again next week.